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JH wrote: It made me think of a funny script idea. Familiar with the stories of Japanese Soldiers who kept fighting the War up to twenty years after it finished, I have this character who defends ~something~. Keeps the faith. The ~something~ should be as obtuse and arcane as possible. With the character popping up all over the place to defend against "slights".

I actually began work on a script like this. Didn't work. As a SNL sketch, a Monty Python "bit" in Spamalot-- or best of all in a subplot in a sprawling Elizabethan-structured play-- it works very well. (Shakespeare's Pistol, Fuellen, Dr. Caius; half of Jonson's cast lists...) Big problem with tidy small cast "modern" plays-- there's no room in them for such Comedy of Humors-- the one-track character is delightful and instructive when s/he pops in and disrupts the patterns of ordinary life, but tedious and annoying in a 2 hour 3-6 character "realistic psychological" evening. Worse, IMHO, in works of Absurdism or Satire. I think that when such characters show up successfully nowadays, they tend to be Evil Obsessives rather than Harmless Cranks, and the play a downward spiral as the ordinary characters are sucked into the all-or-nothing vision. (5/11/05)


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